Bishop Carey D. Robinson

Founder of Christ Community Church of the Apostolic Faith, Inc.

Bishop Carey D. Robinson was born and raised in Mamaroneck, NY. He was brought up in the way of the Lord by his parents. Especially his father, Brother Willis Robinson. His mother was the soloist on the broadcast at Strait Gate Church in Mamaroneck. She was known for her beautiful voice. Now we know where our Pastor got his nice singing voice from. Bishop Robinson came under the leadership of the late Elder John Brown. As Elder Brown preached God’s Word, Brother Robinson was convicted in his heart and sought the Lord through baptism in Jesus’ name. With godly jealousy of his friend receiving the Holy Ghost before him, he made up his mind that he was not going to leave the prayer room until God filled him with the Holy Ghost. On that day, God filled Brother Robinson with the Holy Ghost. This was the start of a zealous, dedicated man of God. Brother Robinson was active in the choir as a baritone and tenor and also served as a pianist to Strait Gate Church. He was known for singing any hymnal that will make you feel like heaven.

During this time in his life, the Lord sent Sister Dora Taylor from Oxford, North Carolina to Mamaroneck, NY to live with her eldest sister, Leola Keys. Brother Robinson was introduced to her by one of his good friends. Immediately he knew she was the one. But she lacked one thing, the Holy Ghost. Ms. Taylor was a dancer in the world, and she knew how to do all those steps back in her day. She was born and raised Baptist by her parents Mr. and Mrs. Taylor. She did not understand anything about holiness. Brother Robinson, being zealous in leading souls to Christ, he introduced her to Christ. By the watering and planting of the seed by God’s Spirit working through Brother Robinson, God gave the increase. She was drawn to Christ. Now Sister Taylor never stopped dancing, she just switch floors and now doing the dance for Jesus.

On August 14, 1954, Elder Steele joined Brother Robinson and Sister Taylor in Holy Matrimony. Ever since that day, they worked as a team in the ministry of God’s kingdom. The Lord called Brother Robinson to the ministry. Sister Robinson did not want to be married to a preacher, but it was all in God’s plan. We see that in her day that with some growing pains, she had all the wisdom and character in being a good Pastor’s wife. Mother Robinson was always there to encourage Brother Robinson in his ministry. She took an active part in many areas of the church. Her first experience was that of an usher. As time went on, she became the Pastor’s Aide President, Junior Missionary President, Sunday School teacher and she sang in the choir.

In 1957, Minister Robinson was ordained Elder by Bible Way Church World Wide, Inc. He became the first National Assistant Superintendent. After seven years of working as an Elder, a request was made by Elder Faulkner to Bishop Clark, Sr. to send Elder Robinson and Sister Robinson to assist him as Assistant Pastor in Peekskill, NY. With the leading of the Lord and guidance of his Pastor, Bishop Clark, Sr., his member was change to Refuge Church of Christ. Their eldest daughter Curita received the Holy Ghost at the age of 13, and their only son David received the Holy Ghost at 12 years old. When the Lord sent him as founder of Christ Community Church, their youngest daughter received the Holy Ghost at 9 years old. Elder Robinson started a little small front church. As more souls were being saved, he moved to 1607 Main Street, Peekskill, NY. Elder Robinson’s ministry continued to expand. He became District Elder of the Westchester Dioceses. He received his doctorate degree. He was ordained Bishop. He served as the Diocesan Bishop of the New York Diocese. The Lord has truly blessed both our Pastor and Mother Robinson. Mother Robinson started from Junior Missionary President of her local church to National President of Bible Way World Wide.

On March 10, 2009 the Lord called Bishop Carey Robinson to rest.

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